It’s not ballet, it’s bootcamp

Jazz is probably my favourite class of the week. If you’re not sure about jazz, I put it to people like this:

  1. ballet is structure
  2. contemporary is shapes
  3. jazz is rhythm.

And it’s bootcamp because Larissa McGowan is really big on conditioning.

Larissa is just flat out amazing, and I’m quite happy to go on record as a total fangirl. I would travel a long bloody way to do a class with Larissa. It makes me extremely happy to have a scholarship with a school where she’s a regular teacher.

I first took her classes at ADT. She was the first teacher I had as a grownup who was active in providing corrections, big on posture, and (actually almost crazily) big on working both sides of your body equally. In Larissa’s class, you always work your left side.

Of course, it’s not just the conditioning (which is intense and also extremely welcome - few teachers really rock it like she does), but she is super friendly, really good fun, and her choreography is killer.


Larissa McGowan, choreographer and dancer (Source.)

Going back to jazz was something I really had wanted to do for ages, but was also terrified about. You know, the whole haven’t-done-it-since-I-was-nine-years-old kind of terrified.

Happily, the jazz class is intermediate. So, it’s a lot of drills, a lot of technique, and good combinations that are more of a stretch than a beginner class.

Plus the choreography is full of zazz. It’s attitude you don’t get anywhere else.

All I want now is the opportunity to do a performance-length piece. Nothing screams DANCE ME like jazz does. But then we strike that problem that adults don’t perform, they exercise. So frustrating.

One day. *sigh* Maybe that day might come sooner if I get my daily drills on.

Chaine (shanay) turns are a special kind of hell.  (Source)

Chaine (shanay) turns are a special kind of hell.  (Source)

You know you’re improving when…

…. you manage double pirouettes - however shaky - consistently across the room.

That was the biggest win on Saturday. Oh, and being told, “You are SO graceful” by a peer.

Have been invited to join in the Advanced contemporary class this week, which is with Scotty Ewen of Australian Dance Theatre. Totally not sure if I would cope. Tempted to go and throw myself in anyway.

What do you think?

Edit: Asked Scott after ADT class, and he was like, “yeahh it’s what I’d go through with these guys,” (meaning ADT’s dancers). “Feel free to come and give it a go! You can always watch!”.

Tempting. Maybe in six months.

Manowar, listen

I want to orchestrate the choreography and staging of a dance that is the album Battle Hymns.

Imagine the contemporary choreographers you could get together for it.

It would be fucking amazing.

This is the mad idea I had on the way home from ballet.

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Move Through Life, the company where I won my scholarship,  has a call out for company dancers.

Please share!

Move Through Life, the company where I won my scholarship, has a call out for company dancers.

Please share!